What is Swinging?

The term "Swinging" means different things to different people, but as a general rule it is liberated adults (swingers) having NSA (no strings attached) sex with other like minded adults.

Within the swinging lifestyle there are lots of sub-cultures, but people will often change what they are looking for as they tick off their fantasies.

These are the main types of swingers in the swinging lifestyle:

  • Swingers who like to watch other people have sex and be watched while having sex with their usual partner, these are called "Soft Swingers"
  • Swingers who enjoy having NSA sex with other people as well as and along with their regular lifestyle partner, this is called "full swapping".
  • Swingers who enjoy watching their partner have NSA sex with other people, these are called "Voyeurs".
  • Swingers who enjoy having multiple partners - Greedy Girls
  • Swingers who enjoy going to swingers parties, sometimes playing, sometimes just watching and enjoying the sexually charged atmosphere.

The main criteria for being a swinger is that you are open and honest with yourself, your partner and the people you meet.

The Swingers Lifestyle is controlled by a simple set of rules:

  • Only Do What You Want To Do. Never let anyone else tell you what you should do or pressurize you into doing something you are uncomfortable with. If at any time you feel uncomfortable stop, it is your right, and everyone in the swinging lifestyle follows this rule.
  • No means NO. There is never a case in the swinging scene where No might mean yes. If you say no the people touching you or having sew with you will stop. If the person you are having sex with says no then you must stop. Failure to stop means that the person is committing a serious sexual assault.
  • Set Your Limits. Before you meet another person or couple, or before you attend a swingers club or swinging party discuss what you are happy to do and what you are happy for your partner to do at the meeting. Don't wait until you are at the meeting to try and set any limits and wait until after the event to make any changes. In 15 years of running swingers parties the only disputes I have seen between couples is where one of them has stepped outside the limits they agreed beforehand.
  • Don't fall in love. Swingers are not looking for a new life partner, they are in the swinging lifestyle for NSA sex with strangers and to fulfill their fantasies.
hot couple having sex