Swinging Fantasies

Swingers have a wide range of fantasies, so anything that you fantasize about will be regarded as OK!

Amongst the most common fantasies are:

  • Threesomes: This is probably the most common of all fantasies. Couples will often bring in a spare guy or girl to fulfill their threesomes fantasy and is not regarded as being in any way strange. In our house we like to find a younger guy or guys to join us so that David can watch as I get laid. I then get very well filled as David will fuck me as soon as our playmates are finished. A threesome with a single guy is the easiest of all fantasies to fulfill. A Threesome withg a single lady is harder to achieve, as they are far more choosy about who they have a threesome with.
  • Partner swapping: Another very common fantasy. Most couples in the swingers lifestyle enjoy the knowledge that their partner is having fun while they are. Many couples will swap partners in the same room, often on the same bed so that they can also watch their loved one enjoying themselves. This heightens their own pleasure.
  • Greedy Girls: Lots of ladies fantasize about having multiple partners, these are known in the swinging scene as "Greedy Girls", Many clubs cater for these ladies by arranging monthly or weekly Greedy girl or gang bang nights.
  • Same Sex Experimenting: Probably 90% of ladies in the swinging scene are bi-sexual, so there is girl on girl fun at almost every swingers party or club. We have noticed an increasing number of guys wanting to experiment with other men, to the point where about 25% of men in the swinging scene are now listing themselves as Bi-sexual. It is not usual to see man on man action at a party or club, but some clubs now arrange bi-sexual nights and some have separate rooms where men can go to experiment.
  • Orgy: Most swingers parties and clubs arrange for the action to take place in separate bedrooms as couples or small groups. Some swingers enjoy playing with lots of people at the same time, most clubs will have a large room with a large central bed so that larger groups of people can play with each other at the same time.
  • Exhibitionism: Some swingers like to be watched by people while playing. At our parties we put a bed in a lounge area surrounded by easy chairs and sofas so that people can sit and watch as I fuck one of my guests, the bed is always quickly taken over by another couple as soon as I am finished and is a very popular feature
  • Bondage: This is a very popular fantasy where a person will ask to be restrained and then their partner or selected guests are invited to have their wicked way!
  • Hotwife/Cuckolding: This is another of our favourites, I will go out with another guy for the night and have sex with him. Sometimes I will let David listen on the phone, sometimes I will take a movie or some photos and send them to him. I will then go home and tell him everything I have been up to while he tries not to cum to fast.
  • Creampies/Cleanup: This is a very common fantasy where the woman enjoys having guys cum in or on her, then her partner or another playmate will perform a "Creampie Cleanup" by licking all the cum from her body.

There are as many fantasies as there are swingers, please feel free to tell me your fantasy and I will add it to the page.

wife riding her lover while cuckold husband watches
wife having her lovers cum licked out by her husband